Dental Implant Procedures Are a Boon to Patients

Dental Implant Procedures Are a Boon to Patients

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Many people lose their teeth early in life due to accidents or because of dental problems like caries. Living with a missing tooth causes low self esteem and may even cause health problems. But thanks to availability of dental implants, missing tooth isn’t really a problem anymore. Visit the following website to see how dental implants can change how you look or feel.

When are implants given?

Implants can be given after immediate extraction of the unrestorable teeth or in the areas of previously lost teeth. Presenting it in a simple way does not mean it is that simple because the dentist has to evaluate many local and systemic factors before deciding whether implant can be given or not, and what type of implant is feasible. So for getting dental implant procedures done, one should choose an experienced and well-qualified dentist, who knows his job best.

What are the other options?

The other options like removable partial denture or a fixed partial denture are less aesthetic and less durable. When a fixed partial denture is given, support is taken from two other healthy teeth, and in order to do so, their crowns are cut and capped. In case of removable appliances, aesthetic concerns are huge.

Why implant is better?

Dental implant is a screw like thing made from biocompatible material that goes into the bone and soon integrates with the bone and acts like the new tooth’s root. Following a second surgery, the implant is exposed and a crown is given on top of it, replacing the missing tooth. There is no compromise of the healthy teeth as in a fixed partial denture.


Dental implant procedures traditionally consist of two stage surgeries. One in which the screw like dental implant is surgically drilled into the bone, taking care of the angulation at which it is kept and the flap sutured back with the cover screw on the implant. The second stage of the surgery includes reopening the previous site and exposing the screw and then putting a crown on it. Some time between the two surgeries is given for the implant to make a bond with the bone, which is more in maxilla (upto 6 months) and less in mandible (upto 3-4 months).

The latest procedures have been developed using single stage implant, where the implant loading with a crown is done after the single surgical step.

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