Different Types of Dental Procedures

Different Types of Dental Procedures

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Your health should be your top priority and your teeth are part of that. Aside from making sure that your body is in a good shape, you also need to ensure that your teeth are too. Note that your teeth are involved in a lot of ways in your life that you might realize. For one, they can affect how you enjoy your feed as without them, or even if just a tooth or more are missing, you cannot fully enjoy your food anymore. Another aspect that your teeth can also affect is, your looks.

For sure you are well aware about this already as if you lose a tooth or more, your face can right away tell. It will look gaunt and old. This is why, be sure to take care of your teeth as just like any aspects these days, prevention is always a better cure. Always see a dentist in Sterling VA 20165 in a regular basis as who else can aid you in ensuring that your teeth are always in the best condition but the dentists. When it comes to the teeth, no one can argue that the dentists are the experts.

There are different types of dental procedures. Are you aware about them? If not, you can check below for some of the most common ones:

  • Gum disease – this is the number of reason for tooth loss and if you notice that your gums easily bleed when you are brushing your teeth, or maybe your gums are kind of pulling away from your teeth, then these are warning signs that you might have gum disease.
  • Tooth extraction – this is a must when the jawbone is not large enough to house a wisdom tooth, if you have impacted teeth, when you have too many teeth and for health concerns.
  • Dental crowns – they are used to preserve tooth decayed teeth and at the same time, to improve smiles.
  • Bridges – this is one of the best solutions for missing teeth which are more affordable than dental implants.


  • Dentures – this is another option used to deal with missing teeth. Among the options of tooth replacement, dentures are the most affordable.

There are also times when you need to deal emergency dental problems. If by chance you will experience this, you should give emergency dentist in Sterling VA as you will be helped accordingly for sure.

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