Facts To Know About Winstrol For Women

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Winstrol is one the most popular name for anabolic steroids of all time. A well-known drug used by the bodybuilders all around the world. There are no doubts in the ability of this drug to increase performance, strength, and speed. An all round anabolic steroid, which has a very little role in a bulking cycle, but a well-planned Winstrol cycle can get you better looking physique as well power to achieve that. A further interesting topic is that, Winstrol cycle is not only useful to men but women too can get a lot of benefit out of this drug. In fact, this is one of the anabolic steroids that most the women can tolerate quite well, if used responsibly.


There are very few options available for women when it comes to anabolic steroids. While male bodybuilders can choose from dozens of options for cutting or bulking, whereas women have only a handful of choices. There is a good news for all the women bodybuilders who are looking for some anabolic steroid which is not only tolerable but high effective drug as well. Often, women see better results to Winstrol, only by getting low doses of them.


When To Use

Whereas men typical approach towards Winstrol would be using them into cutting cycles to burn body fat, maintain lean mass, and increase muscles. When it comes to women, the approach has to be changed, as the women’s body reacts differently than men towards the levels of DHT present in Winstrol. Even the small dose puts their body into anabolic overdrive and creates an excellent atmosphere for building muscles.


One of the best thing about Winstrol for women is its efficiency. In fact, by getting a minimum dose of 10mg per day, women can gain up to 15 pounds of lean muscle mass in less than six week period, combined with their constant training and solid diet plans. There are few anabolic steroids which are safe enough to use for women. In fact, if we take a cycle of oral Winstrol for women and continue the cycle for long periods, even then the side effects would of a minimal level. But you should always be aware that Stanozolol for women is generally considered safe, but can cause unwanted side effects, including virilization, at any given dose. Women should pay close attention when they are taking any anabolic steroids of any type.



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