Here’s Why Electronic Cigarettes Might Be Your Way Off the Tobacco

Here’s Why Electronic Cigarettes Might Be Your Way Off the Tobacco

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Electronic cigarettes have certainly made something of a splash in recent years. It seems that now more than ever before, many younger people are taking up electronic cigarette smoking as a way to enjoy the many flavours available, socialise with their friends, and even give up the nasty habit of traditional tobacco smoking. This last point is an interesting one because it is really driving the take-up of electronic cigarettes among those over 40 in our communities.

The Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette

To understand why e cigs are becoming so popular, it’s important to understand what kinds of benefits they provide, especially to those who have been in the habit of smoking regular tobacco products for many years. Here are some of the reasons why so many people are now taking up electronic cigarettes and ditching their tobacco products for good:

  • Cheaper: Every regular smoker knows that buying tobacco cigarettes is an expensive exercise. Over successive decades, government taxes on cigarette packs have increased tremendously and this has hit everyone in the hip pocket. The good news about electronic cigarettes is that they cost significantly less. In fact, one can simply buy an inexpensive starter kit with a few flavours and get started right away. This represents very little investment up front. Even better is that the ongoing costs are in the electricity required to charge the lithium battery and buying additional flavours when required. From every angle, this is a much cheaper investment.
  • Health: We all understand by now that tobacco smoking is incredibly harmful to our health. It not only contributes to a wide range of chronic and acute health problems but has also been the leading cause of health problems. In fact, in societies where tobacco smoking is still prevalent, the health costs to society at large are huge. By contrast, the vapour produced by the electronic cigarette is relatively harmless. Though major studies on the long-term health effects are yet to be concluded, initial findings strongly suggest that electronic cigarettes are far and away better for one than tobacco products.
  • Social: Every non-smoker hates to be around those who smoke tobacco products. It is not only harmful to health but it also stinks! The vapour produced by electronic cigarettes disperses quickly and does not hang around. This also means that it doesn’t sink into clothing or furniture and does not offend people in the same way. In short, if there was ever a socially acceptable form of smoking, electronic cigarette use is it!

Give up the Smokes for Good

If you’ve been addicted to smoking regular cigarettes for a long time, why not look at electronic cigarettes as a good alternative? They are less expensive, more socially acceptable, cleaner, and healthier than regular smokes. They are also a great way to gradually come off the regular smokes and give the habit up for good, especially when combined with officially prescribed nicotine drops that can be added in small doses to an electronic cigarette.

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