Positive traits of Testolone that help in numerous ways

Positive traits of Testolone that help in numerous ways

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RAD 140 is a compound that belongs to the class of molecules known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs. This compound has gained huge popularity among the bodybuilders recently. It enhances muscle building and growth and is considered anabolic because it enhances protein synthesis by the formation of new cells. Though this drug has not been approved for human consumption by the FDA, yet it is available online. It binds to the androgen receptors in the muscles and bones with greater affinity. It is a selective compound because different cells respond to its binding effect through the release of different proteins. The proteins can initiate or imitate the effects of this medication.

The structure of this compound is unique and does not mimic the structure of other steroids such as testosterone. This is advantageous as this prevents its conversion into other hormones. It helps in muscle building and increasing weight gain. Moreover, it can be also used to improve weight in patients suffering from prostate cancer without promoting an increase in prostate growth. RAD 140 or Testolone possesses the positive effects of testosterone without the side effects. This drug can enhance muscle mass, decrease fat tissue, and improve endurance and stamina during rigorous training. Its muscle building role can reverse the medical conditions such as muscle wasting, fatigue etc.

Positive traits

This steroid is a perfect cutting steroid as it promotes fat loss. If the dosages are higher, you are more likely to lose body fat. Along with the dosages, if you lead a disciplined life, such as follow a proper diet and regular exercise, you can see great results. This drug promotes lean mass gains that can help you to retain muscle while minimizing catabolism. For bulking purpose, this will not be your option because it is not a great compound but can help you to pack on muscles without added fat. It ensures quality gain muscles without water retention.

It is a promising drug developed in the recent years with lots of benefits that can be useful to the general population and the bodybuilding community too. Its important medical use is in neurology. It can offer protection against neurodegeneration so that new treatment options are opened who have suffered a stroke. It can be used to treat cancer too though not directly but with muscle wasting effects. Other muscle loss can be treated too if the medical license is ever obtained. In the bodybuilding community, it can enhance performance and improve lean mass. It can help to promote fat loss while adding lean muscle.

Post Cycle Treatment

If SARMs are compared to anabolic steroids, they are considered to have far less effect on the testosterone production in the body and the recovery time is also quite less. But, the testosterone production may be affected to a certain degree so it is always recommended to run a post cycle treatment following atestolone cycle. For many users, Clomid is sufficient to help the users’ body recover quickly. The other benefit to run a PCT after using this compound is that it aids to maintain mass gain and reduce fat thus reducing the gap between the cycles.

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