Red Light Therapy: Does It Work?

Red Light Therapy: Does It Work?

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Red light therapy machines are not a new technology, it has been around for many years.  But with the recent advancements of LED technology, this brand of light therapy can be very effective at treating a variety of skin conditions.  Let’s look at a few examples of why this therapy is effective and what it can do to improve skin health.

The Infrared Spectrum –Red light therapy uses light in the 600 to 800 nanometer wavelength that can penetrate the lower skin layers.  While red light therapy uses the light passing thru the skin to stimulate cells on a molecular level, which causes a variety of reactions.  And while you are getting a strong dose of light with an average therapy session, you are not receiving any of the harmful effects that you would from sunlight.  The light produced for red light therapy machines is not ultra-violet, which are the harmful rays that cause problems with skin cells.

Here are some of the resulting effects that have been observed using red light therapy:

  • Encouraging DNA synthesis
  • Activating the immune system lymph nodes
  • Increasing circulation of blood
  • Forming new capillaries
  • Helping healing processes by decreasing or increasing inflammation
  • Boosting collagen production
  • Improves hair growth

What Do These Reactions Mean –When it comes down to what can be helped/healed with red light therapy, the list is ever expanding.  Studied by various groups within the scientific community, and even NASA, red light therapy can dole out a variety of effects depending what it is being used for.  It has been found to assist chemotherapy patients to reduce symptoms of their treatments, and has even showed the ability to help recovering stem cell transplant patients.  Healing wounds is another benefit of red light therapy, which has provided results by regenerating different cells and tissues.  It is an effective treatment for helping healing because it can also stimulate the lymphatic system, which is part of our immune system.

One of the more common uses for red light therapy is to reduce or reverse aging effects of the skin and to promote hair growth.  By promoting collagen grown underneath the skin, fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced for long periods of time, and can even smooth skin and improve skin tone.  Some even use red light therapy to promote hair follicle growth.  While not as heavily tested and proven, many people claim to have seen results using red light therapy to stop hair loss.

Some more uses for red light therapy include treatment of our muscular and skeletal systems.  This means that joint and muscle pain can be relieved, and even treat those with arthritis.  This works because the red light can reduce pain, and increase tissue and cartridge regeneration.

While we are still learning about red light therapy, many studies have conclusively shown it to be an effective method of treatment for a variety of conditions.  And we look forward to seeing what other amazing benefits we will discover in the future!

Edon Gerd

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